After a first attempt in 2018, the Working Terrier World Union - WTWU for short - was founded on 19th of September 2022 and registered as an association in the Austrian association register.

The WTWU is an international association of national dog breeding associations for terriers (under the guise of the F.C.I.) in the individual member countries.


The founding members include the "Airedale Terrier Spezialklub Österreich" (AT), the "Schweizer Airedale Terrier Club" (CH), the "Schweizer Club für Terrier" (CH), the "Airedale terrier club, z. s." (CZ) and the "Club Français de l'Airedale Terrier et de divers Terriers" (FR).

The WTWU particularly aims to promote performance and dog sports under the provisions of the F.C.I., as well as the promotion of performance breeding. These goals, as well as maintaining friendly relationships between the members, are to be achieved through the implementation of international performance and dog sport events. In addition, the WTWU is striving for a cooperation agreement with the F.C.I. to enable the respective world champions a wild card start at the F.C.I. world championship in the respective division.

This international association will hopefully contribute to the fact that terrier breeds will also be represented and seen more frequently in high-performance sports in the future, and that perhaps other dog sports enthusiasts will also dare to take the leap to a terrier breed. It would only be good for them - because our terriers are also capable of top performances and don't have to hide their light under a bushel!